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We make user experience of software and hardware products easier. Being an external documentation team, we are helping companies that create such products be even better and more focused on their development by creating the needed materials for them in the form of help pages, user guides and video demos.

Our Services

Video Demonstrations

We record video demos that can be used for user training or marketing purposes. 

Product Help Documentation

We have experience building the whole product help for a software product or a desired portion of it.

Knowledge Base

We create step-by-step instructions for important software features, usage flows or problem resolutions. 

Technical Training Sessions

We deliver technical training sessions virtually and face-to-face, for small groups of people or at large conferences.

Student and  Lab Guides

We develop training materials in the form of student and lab guides for learners to use and take away after training.

Lab Infrastructure

We are experienced in building simple and complex lab infrastructures for learners to use when practicing with the product.


Tiger Technology is a software development company with 16+ years of experience with customers in over 120 countries world-wide. Our solutions enable organizations of any size and scale to manage their digital assets that are on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid model.
We have been working with NTBIS since January 2020 for a series of technical videos about one of our products. 
The work process and communication has been smooth from the start. They were quick to adopt the product and execute on all our specific demands. Their experience in producing similar assets has helped us in a number of occasions to make the right choice for better user experience.
One of the things we value most about working with NTBIS is the level of quality they manage to achieve within a short period of time and with minimum involvement from our side. We appreciate the engagement and mutual trust and would recommend their work. 

Alexander Lefterov
CEO of Tiger Technology


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