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Why Choose NTBIS?


There are so many companies today that create software solutions in one form or another all around the globe. We make their end users' life simpler. We know how people learn and how to explain complex terms in simple words. We know how to select the right media to convey the knowledge - it may be a document, a call, a video, or a complete training. We decide that together with our clients on a case per case basis. Our goal is to have end users that are not afraid to start working with a new software or with a new feature of an existing software. We make sure they understand what they will see and what to expect. 


We are a team of experienced trainers - people who have developed and delivered trainings on different subjects - from Microsoft operating systems, through Cisco networking, to HPE servers. We have worked with and within small companies and big corporations. We have attended conferences, were speakers at such conferences, were facilitators at lab sessions at these same conferences. We have experience with traditional face-to-face learning, as well as the more used nowadays virtual learning.


We have worked on different projects with our clients. We have created help documentation, lab manuals, the lab infrastructure for labs execution, user guides, technical white papers, technical blog posts and articles. We are client-oriented and end user-centered. We work closely with our clients to collect and address their feedback on our work and have very positive feedback from our clients.


We work on a project-by-project basis. We charge at an agreed upon price calculated at project start for the particular project. It is calculated based on the amount and type of work required. We have very technical experience which allows us to quickly understand complex software solutions and be able to produce user-oriented documents in a fast manner. If you have an urgent or not so urgent project, we can prioritize and get them all done on time.

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